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Gloriam Technologies is an Australian company established in May 2014 and headquartered in Victoria, Australia.

Gloriam Technologies focuses on mobility, geo-location and connectivity applications and was created to design and build a universal solution to efficiently connect all the communities of the world.

What keeps us awake at night is the absence of a universal solution that efficiently connects all the communities of the world. A smart community situational dashboard that connects the user with all the communities at or around their home, destination and actual physical location. A solution that combines content created by humans,sensors  and machines. A solution that could make you feel local wherever you are.

Geo Location tagging; which is the concept of associating a location to a created content such as pictures, posts and deals changed the world. We at Gloriam Technologies have invented a drastically different concept: The mobility profile options, selection and mobility profile tagging concepts. 

Gloriam Technologies filed a provisional and PCT patent in March 2015 and March 2016. An international type search in Sep 2016 confirmed the novelty and the clear industrial applications of our patent. On 25 August 2020, the USA patent office approved our patent submission and changed status from pending to granted. This is a major step for Gloriam Technologies. This confirms all our claims are novel and have clear industrial applications. This means that our concept could be protected and that our patent could be licensed too.

Mobility profile options and tagging would revolutionize community communication  & networking. It would introduce drastically innovative online business concepts. Our patent is magically aligned with the center of gravity of big online business such as Google, Facebook, Groupon, ebay, NextDoor and could take their businesses to another dimension.


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Gloriam Technologies is expanding and we are searching for a strategic partner and investors to take us to the next step.

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