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Community Bond

Is a free online social network to connect people and bond communities based on location and interests.


Our website provides you with multiple public “channels” to allow you to post and create content in a structured and organised way, and to efficiently communicate with the communities around your home, Destination or actual location based on specific topics, services or interests. Each channel covers a specific service and group of categories.  A channel is a classification of community information, services, groups and communication. Channels include categories to make posting and finding information easier for users. If you have an idea for a new channel or want to add more categories to an existing channel, please use the contact us form to convey your request. Channels usually have 4 tabs ( may depend on the user profile and the selected mobility profile and channel). The first two tabs (public channel posts) allow you to search for public posts & content or create your own. The last two tabs (  private groups) allow you to create or search for location based private groups. Groups allow group members to communicate privately.

Search & Browse channel tab

This tab allows you to search for private posts. Generally you can search using keywords, radius (center is your mobility profile location), categories, post code etc. You can use the advanced search option

Post on public channel tab

This tab allows you to create posts. Generally, content created on this tab such as a post or reply is public and can be seen by all our website users. Posts created will be shown on the map as suburb centered by default. Additionally, if you tick the “Show Post Exact Location” when you create a post, the exact location of the mobility profile you have selected will be shown on the map to other users too. This exact location is:

the registered address / location for the Homezone mobility profile if you were using the Homezone mobility profile when you created the post or content;

the target location for the Destination mobility profile if you were using the Destination mobility profile  when you created the content; or

your actual physical GPS location if you were using the OnZmove mobility profile when you created the content.

This can be useful if you want to geo tag your posts and benefit from our location based “virtual community notice boards”. The post in this case will be associated with a specific location on the map and not suburb centered.

Private groups creation and search tabs

Unlike channels, private groups allow their members to communicate privately. Private groups can be created in some channels through the “Create Private Group” tab. Once a group is created, it will be associated with the user who created it. The group public attributes will show the following:

-Channel name

-Group name

-Group picture

-Group description

-Administrator attributes such as user name, user public profile, user mobility profile at creation time and relative distance (mobility profile of user to other mobility profile of other users).


-Creation date

When a group is created by a user, they are assigned the administrator rights by default. They can accept or reject requests to join the group, delete members, mute members, create group events, assign subsidiary administrator rights to other users, or edit group details.

Sub administrators will have the same rights as ordinary members, but will also be able to create group events.

Private group posts or communication will be visible only to the members of the group.

Organised group events will automatically be part of the group members’ “My Calendar section”.

The mobility profile engine

Using our mobility profile engine at the top right of the web page, you can easily switch between 3 profile options and connect with the communities around your home, Destination or current geographical location.

The 3 mobility profile options are as follows:

The Homezone profile: uses your registered address as your location. Use this profile for communicating with your neighbours.

The Destination profile: allows you to communicate with those at an important location of your choosing, a place you have been to or a place you plan to go to. Just provide the address or hold and drag the location balloon to the desired Destination on the map and then lock the location & profile. Any content you create or search for will be based on this new location. It’s like if you are a virtually visiting a location.

The OnZmove profile: uses your current location for connecting with those at or around your actual present location. This profile is dynamic (periodic location updates). It requires GPS activation for GPS enabled devices.

You can easily switch between these 3 stationary and dynamic modes. In addition, you can create location based posts and private groups. This allows you to turn any location on the map, any address or any building into a virtual notice board or private discussion room. Other users interested in that location and topic can join your groups , read your posts and reply.

Community Medal

Users can collect medals for their efforts and contributions to help their communities and make their suburbs a better place. Medals are given to a user by other users and they are classified by channel. The collected medals appear on the public profile of each user. The more collected community medals, the higher the credibility of the user online. A user cannot get more than one medal from another user in one channel.

Public Profile

You can check your public profile (how your profile appears to other users) via the left bar menu in the “My Profile & Settings” section. Your public profile will show your user type, user name, your picture, the subscriber verification methods you have provided, the community medals given to you by other users, the date you joined the website and the last time logged in. You can hide or show your first name and family name if desired during the registration process or later via the “Edit Account Details” section. Other users can send you private messages from your public profile page. Private messages will be visible only to you and the recipients. 

Main post

When you create a content on a channel such as a post, your details such as user name, public profile page, mobility profile used, suburb and relative distance (the distance between your mobility profile location center and the mobility profile location center of the other users) will be visible to other users.

My Homezone News page

My Homezone news page displays all the posts generated by other users around your registered home address ( Homezone). The settings for this page can be changed via My Profile & Settings/ Notifications & Channels Settings page. The default threshold radius is 75 KM for all categories are selected. You can select specific categories to appear on this page based on your specific threshold radius preferences.

My Profile & Settings

This section allows you to manage your preferences, edit your account details, manage users blocking, verify your account to increase your online credibility, change your password etc.  In this section, you can set the email or on page notifications for the categories, channels and threshold radius of interest.

My Messages

This section allows you to read and send private messages to other users.

My Notifications
This section allows you to check your categorized notifications.. Notification sections can be expanded/collapsed separately to allow the user to see the notification details. Global notifications are notifications broadcasted by Gloriam Technologies Pty Ltd/ Community Bond administration team.

My Groups

This section contains the list & direct link to the groups you have created or joined.

My Calendar

This section contains all the calendar events or garage sales you have decided to attend. Private group events are created by the group administrator and goes directly to your calendar.

My Contacts

This section contains all your contacts.

My Activity Log

This section summarizes your online activities. You can edit or delete your content from here if desired.