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Have you ever wanted to communicate with people anywhere and couldn’t find the right online channel? Struggled with too many social networking websites, too many apps and feel like you can’t connect in an efficient and structured way ? That’s why we have built Community Bond, the free Multi Mobility & Location Based Social Network for Communities. Community Bond was designed to help you communicate with any community in Australia. Using our mobility profile engine at the top right of the web page, you can easily switch between 3 profile options and connect with the communities around your home, destination or current geographical location.


The 3 mobility profile options are as follows:

The Homezone profile: uses your registered address as your location. Use this profile as the social network for communicating with your neighbours.

The Destination profile: allows you to communicate with those at an important location of your choosing, a place you have been to or a place you plan to go to. Just provide the address or hold and drag the location balloon to the desired destination on the map and then lock the location & profile. Any content you create or search for will be based on this new location. It’s a social network where you are a virtual visitor.

The OnZmove profile: uses your current location for connecting with those at or around your actual present location. This profile is dynamic (periodical location updates). It requires GPS activation for GPS enabled devices and an outdoor operation to receive the GPS satellites location signals.

You can easily switch between these 3 stationary and dynamic modes. In addition, you can create location based posts and private groups. This allows you to turn any location on the map, any address or any building into a social network virtual notice board or private discussion room. Other users interested in that location and topic can join your groups , read your posts and reply.

The channels allow you to connect based on specific topics, services or interests.



On each channel, the first two tabs ( highlighted below) allow you to search for public posts & content or create your own.

The last two tabs ( highlighted below) allow you to create or search for location based private groups. Groups allow group members to communicate privately.


Here are some ideas what you can do with Community Bond.

Used Mobility profile

Used Channel & Action


-Connect with other AFL fans before a game to organise seats or perhaps a post match drink

Destination Mobility profile + point at the location of the Stadium

Create or search for posts or private groups on the AFL channel. 


-Search for garage sales or events whenever and wherever you are. Taking your daughter to a birthday party and have to wait for 3 or 4 hours, just search for nearby garage sales or events.

Onzmove mobility profile

Search garage sales or events


-Connect with your next-door neighbours to ask for help in an emergency and seek out advice on internet or cable service providers in the area. Create or find homezone private groups to increase neighourhood security & share tools and resources. 

Homezone Mobility profile

Courtesy message, tools and resource sharing, crime and local recommendations channels.


-Connect with other surfing enthusiasts on the weekend.

Destination Mobility profile / point at the beach you’re visting this weekend

Select the Sports Channel/ Surfing category post or create or search for private groups


-Connect with other residents to unite and organize opposition against a planned mega mall in your quiet suburb.

Destination Mobility profile / point at the location of the new mall

select the council channel & Building and planning category or create a location based group so that other residents can find you and join your crusade.


- Connect with other parents where your children go to school or kinder.

Destination Mobility profile / point at the School & Kinder location

Select the School & kinder channel and the relevant discussion category or create a private group with the grade and class code.


-Tag the location where you have lost your digital camera.

Destination location mobility profile / point at the exact location

Select the Lost & Found Channel & select Lost object category or search the found objects category


These are just some examples. There are many more as Community Bond usage is only limited by your imagination. And remember the following tips:

-With just a tick of a box ( highlighted below), you can decide whether your post will be suburb-centric or tagged to the particular address or location of your used mobility profile option.


-Setting the mobility profile to “Destination” enables you to create posts or private groups anywhere you like on the map. Hence, you can turn any specific location into a virtual notice board or a private discussion room.

-Posts will show the user name, user type, relative distance and mobility profile they are using. This allows you to determine if the user lives at or physically or virtually visits this location.

Our security is super tight . We have implemented powerful verification methods to give you extra peace of mind so you know with whom you are talking. 

Whether on the go or connecting with neighbours, no matter where you are, Community Bond can meet your community social networking and  connection needs.


Communities? We connect you!