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August 2020

Gloriam Technologies finally received a patent granted status from the United States Patent office. This is a major milestone for Gloriam Technologies and Community Bond after years of hard work.


October 2018

Gloriam Technologies and Melbourne Insitute of Technology working together on

Melbourne Insitute of Technology dedicated 4 groups of students with Instructors to stress test and propose improvements to 


September 2016

An international type search in Sep 2016 confirmed the novelty and the clear industrial applications of our patent. This report on the World Intellectual Property Organisation's website recognised that all our claims are novel and have clear industrial applications. The report proves as well that our concept could be protected and our patent could be licensed.

Report could be found here:

Community Bond is searching for a strategic partner to be part of our success and to take Community Bond to the global stage. Contact us for licensing proposal, funding or partnership via the following methods:

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